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Implementing CAM-I’s Closed Loop Planning and Budgeting Methodology

Effective Planning and Budgeting continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations. The Consortium for Advanced Management-International (CAM-I) tackled this issue and developed and published the Closed Loop Methodology as a powerful approach to improving the operational planning and budgeting processes in most organizations.

  • Who is the book for?
    • All strategic, operational, and financial managers responsible for planning and budgeting
  • What is the value to your organization of reading this book?
    • Obtain a clear appreciation of the Closed Loop for effective planning & budgeting in today’s business
    • Understand how balancing resource capacity is used as an integral component in the models developed using this approach
    • Recognize how operational efficiency information can impact costs/profitability and budgets
    • Appreciate the benefits of “scenario playing” for improving business operations, reducing costs, and developing more realistic budgets
    • Learn how the methodology integrates with the organization’s performance management system.
    • Discover how to make planning and budgeting critical value-added processes in your organization

Since the initial publication of the book, many organizations have implemented the Closed Loop Methodology. The main benefits that have been obtained are the development of models providing more relevant resource planning and costing/profitability information to support process improvement and strategic decision making. The primary value achieved is that more effort can be focused on the resource planning process so that cost drivers can be better understood, and budgets can be developed on a more automated and less time-consuming basis.

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