CAM-I Welcomes Our Recent Members

CAM-I’s combination of thought leadership in cost management, process management, performance management creates a unique opportunity and value proposition for enterprise data and information management.

Don Carlson
Bank of America

Stellargy Services decided to join the association for several reasons. First, as a IT service delivery company, we want to remain abreast of the new ideas and processes for improving our company’s performance and our clients. The obvious foundational pillar of CAM-I objectives. Secondly, to create relationships with the CAM-I members in order to discuss problems, and solutions that may help with operational improvement and revenue growth for all parties.

Gary Young
Stellargy Services LLC

I joined CAM-I because of the opportunities it brings each member to meet one another and discuss effective management tools and best management ideas and practices that can lead to  manage costs, processes and performance and the overall  success of a company. The networking opportunities to learn in a “like-minded” group adds to the ROI on time and investment.

Gail Darling
Brushfire, Inc.

CAM-I has always focused on elevating organizational capability in Cost, Process and Performance Management, however much of what CAM-I is focused on is development of advanced methods, tools and practices, to enable companies to provide for FUTURE sustainable competitive advantage. The uniqueness of the CAM-I collaborative environment ensures that development efforts are focused on company areas of interest and provides for the ability to work collaboratively with some of industries best subject matter experts. This process provides for the development of content-rich deliverables and industry relationships that will last a lifetime. CAM-I …. Truly a place where people come for the content and stay for the people.

Keith G. Hallin

“CAM-I is an organization that I felt could give me an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who are out-of-the box thinkers. Immediately, I was immersed into dynamic conversations from an amazing pool of intellectual thought leaders looking to make a difference in organizational performance. That is what CAM-I is all about; exploring and developing ideas that make a difference in performance.”

Jean Meeks-Koch, PH.D., MAcc.
positive eye consulting

With the strong introduction of Professor Kim Il-Woon and CAM-I Chairman Ashok, WesleyQuest has joined CAM-I. Through CAM-I activities, WesleyQuest would like to exchange the ideas and experiences with CAM-I members in target costing, ABC, performance management areas and so forth. As a new member, WesleyQuest does not know the full value of CAM-I. I and my colleagues would like to know more about CAM-I and someday WesleyQuest would like to make the contribution to the success of CAM-I and its members.

Mr. Jung JongSup CEO

We have joined CAM-I as a regular member because of its world-wide reputation on target costing research and publications. As a large consulting firm specialized in target costing and strategic cost management in Japan, we are excited to participate in CAM-I’s activities in target costing and make contribution to the advancement of target costing. As CAM-I is gaining international reputation on process analysis and cost management, I expect to see more Japanese companies joining CAM-I in the future.

Hirokatsu Hibino CEO
ALTA Management

"Having been introduced to CAM-I by Grant Thornton, our attendance at the December 2009 conference highlighted how, by working with other like-minded companies committed to continuous improvement in a collaborative non-competitive environment, significant potential exists for CAM-I members to develop ground-breaking thought leadership, tools, techniques and propositions.

The evident enthusiasm of the members and their collective commitment to make investment in CAM-I work equally for the wider membership as well as their own organizations.  The track-record of CAM-I delivering on its promise and retaining long-term relationships also fits well with the principles of Unipart.

We look forward to contributing to the 2010 program to learn, develop and share best practice, and to help UEP grow its global footprint in our chosen markets."

Gary Tharme
Account Development Director

“At Vangent, we are always looking for ways to improve and provide greater value to our customers.  CAM-I provides us the opportunity to share best practices in their emerging Health Care interest group and leverage the vast knowledge base for Process Based Management which ties cost, process, performance management, and risk management into an integrated approach.”

Kerry Weems
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Vangent’s Health Solutions division

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