CAM-I Value Proposition

  • ROI - Proven revenue generation and cost savings by application of CAM-I best practices. Member company analyses and case studies have documented profitability improvements and reported annual savings of between $1Million to $21 Million (40X to 840X ROI!).
  • Applied research in the areas of Business optimization and Financial value optimization.
  • Access to practical, proven, advanced management methods and tools, and to the Fortune 500 companies who are using them via the CAM-I "Members Portal"
  • Our Approach - CAM-I is dedicated to fostering organizational excellence through collaborative research and exchange of ideas. Our goal is to improve business processes and practices to create sustainable value. We do this by providing members a forum through which they identify problems and challenges facing them, co-create solutions, apply the solutions, archive the knowledge, disseminate it, and facilitate implementation through training. Details on the main site.

As part of the large membership, CAM-I will provide training for following upon joining at your site depending on type of membership -

Target Costing, Performance Management, Value Analysis, Integrated Risk and Value Management, Readiness Assessment, Closed Loop Planning and Budgeting, Activity Based Costing/Management, Value Analysis

Training for members is also provide at some of our quarterly meetings.

Attendees receive CPE/PMI credits for attendance at quarterly meetings and for training.

CAM-I Upcoming Meetings

December 4-6, 2023, Virtual
February 2024, UK Chapter Meeting Date TBD
March 4-6 2024, Tempe, Arizona – To be finalized, virtual and on site.
June 3-5 2024, TBD.
September 9–11 2024, TBD
October 2024, UK chapter meeting TBD