CAM-I Large Corporate Membership

CAM-I Corporate Membership Fee Structure and Benefits

The large corporate membership is for organizations with a revenue or budget threshold of more than $1 Billion per annum.
The Corporate Annual Membership covers all departments and offices for the entire corporation or entity (nationally and internationally) and is to be paid in advance on the 1st day of the month of joining.

For the Corporate Membership, the organization receives:

  1. Direct participation in any and all Projects or Special Interest Groups for CAM-I.
  2. Collaborative environment and network with CAM-I members, subject matter experts, and academia.
  3. Access to CAM-I portal. This is a repository of practical proven advanced management methods and tools. The portal provides all past and present deliverables and current member contact information.
  4. ROI – Proven revenue generation and cost savings by application of the CAM-I best practices. Member analysis and case studies have been used to document these profitability improvements.
  5. One copy of all past and present books as they are released.
  6. Quarterly Meetings - ability to send up to 12 people to each quarterly meeting (CAM-I has discretion on the limit.)
  7. A seat at the Members Forum meeting as a management representative, with one vote on matters before the committee. This is a group of representatives from member companies, involved in decision making. This is also a vehicle to start any new projects or special interest group.
  8. Upon joining, a visit by the CAM-I President to identify any issues, challenges, or possible resolutions and transfer of knowledge. (We also provide a visit by a subject matter expert on the topic of choice, part of the time can be used for training at your site with CPE credits)
  9. Professional Growth and Professional Educational (CPE) credits.
  10. Seats at no cost to workshops offered during the quarterly meetings.
  11. Discounts at CAM-I sponsored conferences.
  12. Speaking opportunities at program symposiums and conferences.


The memberships are compared in the following table:

Membership Type Corporate
Duration 1 year
Participants Up to 12
Transferability Unlimited within company
Access to Portal Up to 20
Scope All interest groups or projects
Deliverables 1 copy of all deliverables and Books
Prior Deliverables All prior deliverables
Members Forum 1 seat on the members forum; 1 vote at meetings
Workshops at quarterly meetings Free
CAM-I books and materials Discounts available
Special exhibitor considerations At conferences and symposiums
Speaking opportunities At conferences and symposiums
Networking environment Ongoing, access to all contacts on the Portal

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