CAM-I Team

Tony Adkins runs the CAM-I Cost Management Interest Group

The Cost Management Interest Group is a new group working to re-energize the focus on cost management.
Tony has been with ABC Technologies and SAS who has been a part of CAM-I since the early 90’s.
Adkins also is the Industry Chair for CAM-I and has been a Product Manager at SAS for 17 years.

Derek Sandison is Chair of the Performance Management Interest Group

Supporting Derek are co-chairs Lauren Ayer and Michael Jacobson

The Performance Management Interest Group has developed and published a standardized and integrated framework for Performance Management that identifies factors that affect and improve business performance. The PMIG has most recently published: “The CAM-I Performance Management Framework - how to evaluate and improve organizational performance - Executive Overview”. Current research continues to expand and improve the framework implementation methodology.

Derek has provided subject matter expertise in CAM-I research initiatives for over 20 years. He is recognized as a leading authority in the field of Performance Management, including techniques such as Balanced Scorecard, Business Modeling and Advanced Cost Management.

Derek has recently joined Landmark Decisions Inc. to provide additional leadership and support to the firm’s Performance Alignment practice.

Lauren Ayer is a manager within Grant Thornton’s Global Public Sector, helping executives and managers at all levels of government maximize performance and efficiency in the face of ever tightening budgets and increased demand for services. She has worked with Grant Thornton since 2006, supporting areas ranging from performance management/measurement, business intelligence/reporting, training, and most recently strategic communications and change management. Lauren has supported the CAM-I PMIG since 2007.

Mark Lemon chairs the CAM-I Environmental Sustainability Interest Group.  He has worked with CAM-I for over 6 years.

The Environmental Sustainability Interest Group (ESIG) seeks to give value to all participants by providing practical support on establishing an integrated strategy toward environmental sustainability management by leveraging CAM-I’s Body of Knowledge in cost and performance management to develop more effective and efficient management tools and techniques to manage environmental sustainability initiatives.

Mark is a Manager at Grant Thornton, where he works with his clients to deliver greenhouse gas, cost and program management solutions.

Anthony Pember co-chairs the CAM-I Environmental Sustainability Interest Group.

The CAM-I Environmental Sustainability Interest Group aims to give value to all participants by providing practical support on establishing an integrated strategy toward environmental sustainability management.  Through the use of CAM-I’s body of knowledge surrounding cost, performance, and process management the interest group seeks to facilitate the understanding and measurement of environmental sustainability impacts within organizations.

Anthony has been with CAM-I for over 10 years and currently serves on CAM-I’s Board of Directors.

Anthony is a Senior manager at Grant Thornton where he works with his clients to deliver cost, performance, profitability and predictive models.

Jeff Lawton runs the CAM-I Intelligent Data Quality Management (IDQM) Special Interest Group.  The goal of IDQM is to create data quality and data management frameworks for better informed business decision making, improved investment analysis and allocation of appropriate funding/resources, reduced risk exposure, and controlled improvement.  Jeff has been with CAM-I since 2008.  Jeff is a director at Grant Thornton, providing data management and information technology solutions.

Elaine Jones runs the CAM-I Target Costing Best Practices Interest Group.

Target Costing is a cost management process that supports products and services. Managing the delivered cost in relation to the customer importance.

Elaine has been with CAM-I for 6 years.
Elaine also runs the CAM-I Governance Team.

Elaine is President of Targeted Financial Solutions, LLC providing Target Costing and Cost Management solutions.

The CAM-I Governance team manages the quality of interest groups by measuring health metrics and reporting project pipeline activity to ensure  the most benefit to the member companies.

Greg Wallig leads the Integrated Risk and Crisis Management (IRCM) Interest Group -

Robust organizations know how to take on measured risks that boost returns to stakeholders.  Since risk and crisis management are so closely related, there is significant benefit to be achieved by integrating the two fields into one set of diagnostics and management tools. The goal of the Integrated Risk and Crisis Management interest group at CAM-I is to explore this integration, modifying existing thought and practice to enable organizations to maximize value by actively managing on the edge of the risk-crisis frontier.

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