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Too Much Game Playing

Each pain expressed in the survey implies different situations and concerns to different people. These implications, in turn, imply yet more situations and concerns. These implications have been organized and grouped into issues now showing as headings below. What additional implications do these call to your mind? Please feel free to add your implications to this page.

Then, follow the heading link to a page that discusses each issue. The page includes viewpoints and recommendations pertinant to the issue. You can also add your input to the issue page.

Disconnect Operations and Financials

  • Those who play the budget game well get promoted


  • Restricts the number of players
  • People get disillusioned with the process

Politics & Gamesmanship

  • What is "too much"
  • Game playing may be desirable
  • What is "Game Playing"
  • No clear visibility on customer affordability
  • It impacts clear decisions being made
  • Best story gets resources
  • Restricts the number of players
  • Causes more reviews before getting to result
  • Distracts from the real issues
  • Could cause unrealistic targets


  • Those who understand the politics are able to leverage
  • Viewed as "Fun" by some and a "Pain" by others
  • People get disillusioned with the process
  • Process trumps substance

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