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It involves too many people

Each pain expressed in the survey implies different situations and concerns to different people. These implications, in turn, imply yet more situations and concerns. These implications have been organized and grouped into issues now showing as headings below. What additional implications do these call to your mind? Please feel free to add your implications to this page.

Then, follow the heading link to a page that discusses each issue. The page includes viewpoints and recommendations pertinant to the issue. You can also add your input to the issue page.


Budget Bashing

  • Lack of process

Data Management

  • Level of planning is too detailed
  • Too much data
  • Too little information
  • Complex accounting system


  • Lots of people care
  • Politically correct to include more people rather than less people
  • Specialization requires more people to participate
  • Budget responsibility at too low a level

Performance Management

  • Lack of central governance or guidelines


  • Difficult to organize/coordinate
  • Process is too complex and difficult


  • Confusion over roles
  • Takes away from people doing their "real job"
  • Implies an optimal amount of participation
  • Do we know how many it takes?


  • Poor tools
  • Lack of automation

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