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The Planning & Budgeting Interest Group Cost Management Systems

Consortium for Advanced Management International (CAM-I)

The Closed Loop
There are a staggering number of underlying issues with planning and budgeting in both the public and private sectors. These issues have been a concern to CAM-I members for many years. An earlier CAM-I CMS interest group produced the work "The Closed Loop - Implementing Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting" addressing methodology issues. The current interest group effort addresses key process issues as identified by subject matter experts from both commercial and public sectors. Rather than a static text, we selected an interactive technology, Wiki, to present this topic and enable collaboration and growth of the content. Click here for a short video about how a wiki works.

As "one size does not fit all", the wiki's interactive nature enables you to select and explore issues and recommendations as they pertain. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to comment on content and contribute your knowledge and experiences. To better manage contributed content and provide a rich experience for all, please follow our wiki guidelines.

We share your pain. In a IBM survey of people involved with planning and budgeting, ten common pains emerged. These pains appear below. If you are struggling with one of these pains with your planning and budgeting process, then click on the pain. You will see more information on other implications of the pain. From there, follow a link to an issues page that discusses potential causes and solutions to address the problem. Alternatively, you can go directly to an issue listed in the left navigation panel.

We Share Your Pain
It Takes Too Long
Doesn’t help me run my business
It’s out of date before it’s even finished
Too much game playing
Too many iterations
Cast in stone although business conditions are always changing
It involves too many people
Includes allocations that I can’t control
By the time it’s done, I don’t even recognize my numbers
Doesn’t match the objectives to which I’m held accountable

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.