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Each pain expressed in the survey implies different situations and concerns to different people. These implications, in turn, imply yet more situations and concerns. These implications have been organized and grouped into issues now showing as headings below. What additional implications do these call to your mind? Please feel free to add your implications to this page.

Then, follow the heading link to a page that discusses each issue. The page includes viewpoints and recommendations pertinant to the issue. You can also add your input to the issue page.


  • Has too much detail
  • Too much analysis
  • Too little analysis


  • Assumptions not documented

Budget Bashing

  • Too many levels of development and review
  • Viewed as low priority
  • Too much rework

Data Management and Relevance

  • Too much effort
  • Too little value
  • Forward pricing rates/frequent updates
  • The appearance of value being added
  • Lack of consumption rates
  • Lack of demand data / customer forecast
  • Too little data
  • Too little relevant detail
  • Access to data is difficult
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Lack of translation from high level driver to low level driver


  • Too long to formal decision
  • No clear stopping rule

Disconnect Operations and Financials

  • Creates feelings of self importance
  • Creates shadow staffs outside the P&B organization
  • Detracts from daily operational business
  • Deals with issues/baggage that are not budget issues
  • May not change annual budget for performance measurement
  • Redefinition of products and services


  • Winds of change blow
  • Implies accuracy in far future periods


  • Too many annual accounting structure changes
  • Too many drivers and / or activities


  • Creates noise in the organization
  • Noise creates insentivity in organization
  • Too much customer affordability variance

Organization Component

  • Too many organization changes


  • Too many people in the process


  • It is continuous and does not stop
  • The process is dynamic
  • The process is important
  • There is no process
  • Requires more coordination across stakeholders
  • Individuals experience downtime


  • Perceived lack of relevance


  • Requires more dedicated & specialized staff
  • Lack of clear roles and Responsibilities
  • Overly rigid roles & responsibilities
  • Unclear rules

Time Concern

  • Implies accuracy


  • Poor/inappropriate modeling tools

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