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Doesn’t help me run my business


Each pain expressed in the survey implies different situations and concerns to different people. These implications, in turn, imply yet more situations and concerns. These implications have been organized and grouped into issues now showing as headings below. What additional implications do these call to your mind? Please feel free to add your implications to this page.

Then, follow the heading link to a page that discusses each issue. The page includes viewpoints and recommendations pertinant to the issue. You can also add your input to the issue page.

Budget Bashing

  • Top level overrides
  • Budgeting is dangerous


  • Mainly used to determine compensation

Data Management and Relevance

  • Lack of cooperations

Disconnect Operations and Financials

  • Its just a support function
  • Is not the "Real" work
  • Only a budget office thing
  • It's cuttable - optional
  • My boss says I don't have to pay attention
  • Why work on the process since it is low value
  • Less accuracy and value from the budget
  • People will not master it
  • Training is forgotten before the next cycle
  • Not stated in the language of the business
  • Low relevance to operational issues
  • Just for reporting
  • Does not have operational buy in
  • Assumptions / drivers made up by budget staff


  • Fixed for the year / does not recognize business changes

Operations & Function

  • Budgeting in different terms than my operations

Politics & Gamesmanship

  • Too much politics involved


  • No one gets promoted due to a good budget process
  • Budget office cannot get resources to improve


  • Amateurs run the budget process
    • Amateurs participate in the process
    • Amateurs drive it to the lowest common demoninator

Time Concern

  • Not relevant by the time it is formalized-not reflect current conditions

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