CAM-I Toolkit

CAM-I Toolkit: Over the years CAM-I has developed Methods and Tools that still guide organizations today. Each of these tools is supported by a book (available from the CAM-I Bookstore).

This toolkit is continually updated and expanded as part of the ongoing CAM-I Research approach.

The CAM-I ABC Model (AKA, The CAM-I Cross, 1990)

The CAM-I Investment Management Matrix (1992)

The CAM-I Conceptual Deployment Model (1993)

The CAM-I Capacity Model (1995)

The CAM-I Target Costing Model (1996)

The CAM-I Extended Enterprise Model (1997)

The CAM-I Process Model (1998)

The CAM-I Service Process Model (1998)

The CAM-I Integrated Strategic Management Model (1999)

The CAM-I Knowledge Model (2000)

The CAM-I ABCM Design Framework (2001)

The CAM-I Closed Loop Model (2001)

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