CAM-I Deliverables 2017

Cost Management and Target Costing Group

This group is working on the following areas –

  • Linking Value Analysis to public sector and manufacturing organizations study.
  • Publishing the results of a study regarding the implementation of shared services.
  • Target Costing for Service model.
  • Examine Predictive Analytics models and build templates for certain applications.

Performance Management Interest Group (PMIG)

The group is focused on these Phase III initiatives:

Phase III Key Deliverables:

  • PMF Awareness Training for members and guests at quarterly meetings
  • PMF Implementation Workshop facilitated in-house for member companies
  • PMF Instructor Certification Process and Program (“Train-The-Trainer”)
  • On-line Readiness Assessment tools and analytics
  • Guidance on integrating PMF concepts with other IGs’ methodologies

Current research and development includes:

  • Creating an updated Executive Overview with a more graphical explanation of the methodology
  • Providing high level guidance on improving organizational readiness
  • Packaging PMF instructor materials into a practical Implementation Guidebook
  • Documenting business success stories in the use of the Framework
  • Developing an approach to providing more detailed guidance on specific improvement techniques and accessing associated reference materials

Integrated Risk and Value Management Special Interest Group

Development of the risk-value continuum, value-analysis matrix, and risk-value discussion guide which identifies where an organization is in terms of optimal risk taking. Update training with instructions on how to lead an organization through a well-rounded risk-value discussion at any level of the organization. Incorporate risk-value material into King County Bus Crash article.

Intelligent Data Quality Management Group

The Intelligent Data Quality Group seeks to develop a framework or equation that can put a dollar value on any record of data in any data system. The ability to value a record in quantitative, monetary terms will allow organizations to manage their data using traditional asset management techniques.
Each element of the framework (or variable of the equation) is a deliverable of this group. The first two elements have been defined as deliverables, including:

Data Lifecycle Stage – The Group examined data lifecycle models throughout the industry and created a best-of-breed lifecycle model. The deliverable details the activities, enablers, risks, and valuation considerations of a record of data as it moves through the lifecycle.

Data Management Maturity – The Group is examining the maturity of an organization with regard to data management practices, as organizations that have higher levels of maturity are able to do more with their data, thus the valuation increases. The deliverable will be a companion approach to the Performance Maturity Model's Information Management enablement component.

The Environmental Sustainability Interest Group (ESIG)

To continue driving its mission, the group is currently developing a pilot activity-based greenhouse gas (GHG) management model at Weber State University to validate the 2012 whitepaper: Measuring and Managing Environmental Sustainability: Using Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M). The group intends to demonstrate that the activity-based information generated by the model will help identify the relative cost- and environmental-intensity of activities at Weber St., and help university managers make more informed decisions to focus on activities, products and services which are high-value and low-environmental intensity.

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