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Building An Activity-Based Model For Environmental Footprint: A Proof Of Concept Case – Cost Management, November-December 2018 Issue.

The Environmental Sustainability Interest Group (ESIG) has operated as an active interest group of the Consortium for Advanced Management–International (CAM-I ) since September 2009. Anthony Pember served as chair of the interest group for the first five years of operation, followed by the current chair, Mark Lemon. The CAM-I ESIG seeks to leverage CAM-I’s body of knowledge in cost and performance management to develop more effective and efficient management tools and techniques for environmental sustainability initiatives. Click here to read the paper

The Risk-Value Curve: How to Optimize Risk and Generate Value for your organization- January 2019 – Public Risk Issue

This article discusses the role risk optimization can play in guiding the organization toward taking the right risks to advance enterprise value.

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