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  These individuals participate in the CAM-I Interest Groups and Projects as Subject Matter Experts. They contribute their experience and knowledge as part of the CAM-I collaborative process.

 John Miller

John Miller

John A. Miller is the founder and President of Arkonas, a solutions-based management consulting firm whose client projects are based on achieving results, answering questions (unknowns), and solving problems.  Typical projects involve 2-3 person consulting teams focused on achieving results in three months or less. The value of Arkonas Solutions-Based consulting services is best understood by its characteristics:

  • Fast – respond quickly to time sensitive questions and issues
  • Flexible – analytics can be applied to many different situations
  • Simple – not overly complicated nor bogged down by unnecessary details
  • Relevant – to the business question/issue at hand
  • Agile – Proven methodologies and tools
  • Actionable – the results of the analytic lead to action
  • Affordable

John has over 40 years of experience, a large portion of which has been in industry where he held the positions of CFO for a publicly held New York Stock Exchange manufacturing company and for a privately owned independent oil and gas exploration and production company.  As a consultant at Arthur Andersen, John had responsibility for Andersen’s Cost Management Competency Center and for the development of its global cost management consulting practice.  With this background, John brings the mindset of a CFO and the skills of a consultant to client projects.

Mr. Miller is an internationally known speaker, writer, and principal author of ONE-EIGHTY, a newsletter for the performance management and measurement community. His landmark work, Implementing Activity-Based Management in Daily Operations (John Wiley and Sons), is a definitive work on methods and practices for improving organizational performance and financial results. His articles and papers have been published in dozens of magazines.

 Derek Sandison

Derek Sandison

Derek Sandison recently joined Decimal Technologies, a Canadian solutions & consulting company, headquartered in Montreal. As Vice-President of Strategic Alliances, Derek will help Decimal expand their international solutions reach through appropriate channels and partnerships.

Derek is recognized as a leading authority in the field of Performance Management, including techniques such as Balanced Scorecard, Business Modeling and Advanced Cost Management. He is an author, trainer and frequent speaker on these topics particularly in the real-world deployment of performance management solutions for critical business improvement.

Derek was founder and CEO of Sapling Corporation – early developers of applications and implementation methodology for Activity Based Management and Balanced Scorecard. On behalf of Sapling Corporation, Derek received the National Quality Institute Award for Innovation. In 1999, Sapling was acquired by Hyperion Solutions. At that time, Derek formed Hyperion’s Performance Management Division with a particular focus on international expansion of PM Solutions. On leaving Hyperion, Derek provided independent performance management consultancy services to over one hundred companies internationally.

Derek has degrees in Mathematics and Operations Research, is a Subject Matter Expert for the Consortium for Advanced Management International (CAM-I), and is a member of the Strategic Leadership Forum.

Paul Sharman

  Paul Sharmanis Founder and President of Focused Management Information Inc., a consulting and education firm. Paul has facilitated cost management and change initiatives including strategy formulation with major organizations around the world. He has trained thousands of people on subjects such as “how to implement activity-based costing”, “how to implement process improvement and management”, “leading edge practices in cost management” and “management reporting for decision making”. Paul was President and CEO of The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) based in Montvale, New Jersey. Paul has been referenced many times in professional and US national press on such topics as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) and reform of the accountancy profession. He was named as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People” in the US accounting world in 2005, 2006 and 2007 by “Accounting Today”.

In October 2010 he was elected councillor of the City of Burlington, Ontario and of the Region of Halton. Paul is Editor-in-Chief of the Thomson Reuters journal “Cost Management”.

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